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As part of our Preventive Healthcare Programs for patients, our veterinarians at PawSteps Veterinary Center located in the Blackstone Valley area will recommend Wellness Screening Tests for your pet as he or she reaches certain life stages. Pets are very adept at hiding illness and unfortunately diseases may be present even if your pet does not appear to be sick.

Annual wellness exams allow our veterinarians to note differences in your pet’s health from year to year. We detect and monitor ‘lumps and bumps’ or skin conditions, monitor your pet’s general health, and keep track of your pet’s dental health – poor dental health can lead to pain, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and heart, liver, and kidney diseases. If diseases are detected early on steps can often be taken to manage or even cure the disease before it gets out of hand and permanent damage occurs.

As your pet reaches certain milestones, our veterinarians will recommend screening tests to identify early signs of diseases that commonly affect senior pets, for example, diabetes, hyperthyroidism (cats), hypothyroidism (dogs), lymphoma or diabetes (ferrets) and kidney or heart disease. These tests may include urinalysis and blood screening tests.

As part of our Wellness Screening Program, we offer obesity screening to ensure that your companion remains at their optimal weight throughout their life, as we know that obesity leads to many health issues and a shorter life span.

Annual Wellness Screenings provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about your pet’s health or behavior and allows our veterinary healthcare team to keep you informed with the latest pet health research, new treatments, and emerging diseases in Worcester County.

At PawSteps Veterinary Center, we will create an individualized Wellness and Preventive Healthcare plan tailored to your pet’s breed, life stage, health status, and lifestyle.