Nutritional Counselling and Prescription Diets

With so many pet foods available, it can be difficult to navigate and choose a diet best suited for your pet. Additionally, some pets have specific nutritional needs, whether due to underlying health conditions (e.g., diabetes or periodontal, heart, or kidney disease), weight issues, or allergies. Nutrient profiles and quantity of food required vary by life stage (puppy/kitten, adult, senior/geriatric), activity level (sedentary lap dog, or active, performance, or working dog), and the health of your pet. At PawSteps Veterinary Center, our entire healthcare team is trained to assist you in choosing the best food for your pet.

We carry nutritionally balanced veterinary prescription diets specifically designed for those pets with specific health issues or dietary needs such as diabetes, periodontal disease, kidney or heart disease, allergies, and pancreatitis.  These diets are available by prescription only and are not available in pet stores. Our team will discuss these options with you at your pet’s annual Wellness Screening and Preventive Healthcare Visit.