Pet Dentistry

Poor oral health can lead to a number of issues for your pet including pain, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and heart, liver, and kidney disease. At PawSteps Veterinary Center, we provide comprehensive dental evaluations including cleanings (scaling and polishing), digital dental radiographs (X-rays), extractions, and treatment of periodontal disease for our canine and feline patients. For our small mammal patients, we provide dental care for those teeth that just keep on growing! Rabbits and Guinea pigs in particular can develop overgrown incisors and molars. Our veterinarians can evaluate and make recommendations for the dental care of these pets either at PawSteps or with one of our area specialists.

Digital dental radiographs allow our veterinarians to accurately and instantly see the health of your pet’s tooth roots, and bone surrounding the roots and they provide us with quick results reducing the time that your pet is anesthetized. Digital radiographs allow us to manipulate the images providing greater and more accurate diagnostic value. Digital dental radiographs help identify hidden conditions such as tumors, fractured teeth, broken roots, and abscesses.