Our Core Values

  • We positively impact the lives of our patients, clients, and each team member.
  • We expand and share our knowledge and skills with our community and team.
  • We support our community and each other through challenges.
  • We speak respectfully and offer feedback with best intentions.

COVID-19 Appointment Protocol

For the safety of clients and staff, clients are not allowed in the building. Clients are required to call the main number when arriving at the parking lot but remain in their vehicle. Masks are required to be worn for all face to face interactions and while entering the foyer to pick up medications. PVC is strongly preferring credit card payment for contactless check-out.


All fees MUST be paid in full at the time services are performed or upon discharge from PVC. A deposit for expected treatment may be required for pets admitted to PVC. A late fee will be charged on all unpaid balances at a rate of 20% APR. Accounts will be turned over for collection if unpaid for more than 90 days. All costs of collection will be added to the outstanding balance. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, as well as Care Credit. See current Covid protocol for current policies on cash and check payment.

No Show/Late Cancellation

When an appointment is scheduled and client fails to show, call, or notify Pawsteps of their inability to keep this appointment time, it impacts our ability to provide services to both the pet and other clients. Fees will apply to the client’s account if multiple appointments are missed without proper notification. Regular appointments require a minimum of 12 hour notice and all surgeries require 48 hour notice

Zero Tolerance Policy

Anyone giving verbal abuse to members of staff, either in person, over the telephone, or online will be sent a letter from our Practice Manager advising that this behavior will not be tolerated and dismissed as a client of PawSteps Veterinary Center.

Prescription Refill Policy

We ask for a minimum of 24-hour notice for medication refills. As we are often fully scheduled, we may not be able to fill medications same day, nor can we guarantee such