Small or Large

We love them all the same.



young cute ferret in his cage
Ferrets are one of the few small pets that require regular vaccinations and parasite preventives. Our staff can discuss these special recommendations with you and get your ferret on a regular wellness schedule.

Client Education

Portrait of cute red guinea pig
Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through all aspects of the specialized care your pocket pet needs including:

  • Cage size and type
  • Bedding needs
  • Heating requirements
  • Optimal lighting
  • Appropriate nutrition
  • Appropriate human interaction
We are available for pre-adoption consults to be sure you are choosing the right species for your family, ensuring that you and your new family member start off on the right foot!

Diagnostic and Treatment Options

a pair of rats
Some of our diagnostic services include:

  • Digital X-ray to diagnose bone trauma or disease
  • Laboratory testing including blood tests, skin scrapings, and biopsies
  • Surgical services including some spay and neuter procedures, mass removals, and dental care for those teeth that don’t stop growing.
  • Medications and supplements tailored to the needs of small animals

Support of Veterinary Specialists

Mice close up
In some cases, our veterinarians may feel that your small mammal needs care from a specialist. We are happy to refer these pets to veterinarians that are board certified or who have a focused interest in their specialty fields. If you are interested in learning more, has some great resources.