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Wellness/Preventative Care

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Your cat’s health is our number one priority. In order to maintain the highest quality care for your pet, we use a number of different tools to diagnose, treat, and help your cat. Our most significant diagnostic tool is that of wellness exams. From the very tips of their whiskers to the wisps of their tails, your cat will be thoroughly examined when they come in for their annual wellness exam. In these exams, we will look for any abnormalities and at the overall wellness of your cat’s oral and skin care, internal health, and their quality of life. Maintaining a schedule of annual wellness exams means the best chance possible for catching potential issues in time before they become a bigger problem. This means, too, a happier life for your cat and a happier wallet for you!

In House Diagnostics

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We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best care possible for your pet, and often times that means having access to same day results for a number of tests. Because of that, we have an in-house laboratory that can handle various blood work, urinalysis, and cytology (the study of blood or tissue under a microscope) testing. If more complex testing is needed, we’ll send the results to a specialist at an outside laboratory for diagnostics.

We employ digital x-rays, which give us the capability to have faster, higher quality, and more comprehensive results. The images can be sent to any computer, even right to the exam room for your convenience. Digital x-rays lead to both faster diagnostics and lessen the need for multiple x-rays for your pet like traditional film x-rays would require. If needed, we can also easily send the digital results to an outsourced specialist for further review.

With an ultrasound machine, we have the ability to look at bladder health and complete urinalysis testing, as well as check other organ systems for anomalies.


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Being at the vet can be scary for any pet, and procedures multiply that. For the safety of both your pet and our veterinarians, sometimes sedation is needed. In the case that it is, we have fully trained technicians to monitor your cat for the entirety of the process – from the very start to the very end, to ensure the smoothest possible experience.

Laser Therapy

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Evolving with technology is important in all fields, veterinary not being excluded. We now offer laser therapy, a deep penetrating light that sparks a chain of chemical reactions called photobiostimulation. Laser therapy is non-invasive and entirely painless. The uses are to relieve pain through the release of endorphins, stimulate injured cells to be able to heal faster than they otherwise would, reduce inflammation, drain swollen areas, and block pain signals.

Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

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To ensure the best quality treatment, we have a full pharmacy, stocked with a wide range of medication to ensure your cat gets everything they need – without you having to drive elsewhere to get it. We also carry a limited supply of prescription cat foods, which can be prescribed by one of our vets in any wellness exam. We will work with you to come up with the right nutritional plan for your pet, depending on their needs regarding age, weight, lifestyle, and illness.

Emergency Care

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While we are not a 24/7 emergency care facility, we are equipped to handle emergency situations during regular business hours. All we need to prepare for the arrival of your pet and potential treatment is a quick phone call from you to let us know what happened, and that you’re on your way. If we think your pet’s injuries are more severe than we can handle at the moment, we may direct you to the nearest 24/7 emergency care center.

Come in if:

  • Your cat was hit by a car
  • Your cat was involved in animal attack
  • They have persisted vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • They are having difficulty breathing
  • They experience sudden weakness or collapse
  • They haven’t eaten or had water for more than a day
  • They’ve had a seizure lasting more than 10 minutes or have had multiple in a day’s time
  • They have difficulty going to the bathroom
  • There’s blood when they go to the bathroom
  • They ingest poisonous plants, rat poison, antifreeze, prescription medication, or foreign objects
If you’re unsure whether or not your situation constitutes an emergency, call us anyway. We’d rather err on the side of caution and take care of your pet.


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We are capable of handling a multitude of procedures. They are as follows: spaying and neutering, tumor removal, skin and tumor biopsies, exploratory surgeries, ear flushing, surgical care, and minor eyelid/ophthalmic corrections. If surgery is deemed necessary, we’ll schedule a pre-surgical exam, as additional blood work or diagnostics may be needed. A couple of surgery-related services we offer are as follows:

  • Anesthesia Monitoring – During any surgical procedure, your cat will be hooked up to equipment that will monitor their heart and breathing rates, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature. Our surgery technicians are trained to supervise over both the equipment and our patient so we can make any adjustments as needed.
  • Pain Management – In everything we do, your pet’s overall quality of life is first and foremost. It is our driving force. If they’re experiencing pain, their quality of life is not where we all want it to be. Pain management is crucial. Because of that, we will administer pain medication throughout the procedure so they’re less likely to feel pain when the surgery is over. We may also send additional pain medication home with you to ease their recovery. By minimizing pain, we maximize health.
  • Laser Therapy – A way we minimize pain is through laser therapy. Class IV lasers use light photons to promote healing.
After surgery, our team of trained veterinarians will closely monitor your pet and either send them home or to a local 24-hour critical care center if needed. As always, we are here to answer any and all questions you may have.

Microchip Implantation

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Microchips are tiny devices that are implanted in your cat, just beneath the skin in a painless procedure. None of us plan on having our pets be spooked and running, or wandering into the path of an oncoming car, or being stolen out from under us, but bad things can happen. Microchips enormously increase the chance of you being reunited with your cat if something does happen. Implantations are generally done at spaying/neutering appointments, but we can do them at any time. If your cat hasn’t yet been microchipped, give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Preventive Dental Care

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Solid dental care is largely undervalued, but poor oral health can cause a number of issues for your pet – from gingivitis to periodontal disease, from bad breath to heart problems. In fact, bad breath is often a sign of a problem. We recommend annual dental cleanings to ensure your cat’s oral health be where it should be. We can also help you establish a plan for building and maintaining a foundation of at-home oral care, as preventative care is the best care, and can mean less bills for you in the future!

Dental Cleanings and Oral Surgery

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At your annual dental cleanings, we’ll take a look underneath the gum line, where issues hide from the untrained eye. A pet with dental disease is not only experiencing pain, but is also more vulnerable to other more serious issues developing. Every dental cleaning includes scaling and polishing, full mouth digital x-rays, and general anesthesia. Fully trained technicians will be at your pet’s side for the entirety of their procedure. Other treatments, such as extraction or periodontal therapy, may be needed for more extensive issues.

Additional Services

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To ensure a wide range of veterinary care for you and your pet, we bring in local board certified specialists directly into our offices to perform ultrasonic, cardiac, and endoscopic examinations when needed. We want you to be confident in knowing that you can get everything you need from us, without needing to travel elsewhere and making multiple appointments if further care is necessary.

End of Life Pet Care

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Saying goodbye is the hardest moment of your life together. As pet owners ourselves, we have the utmost empathy for not only that moment, but for the heartbreak of making that choice. Knowing when it’s time is a very stressful and often agonizing decision and we are here to make it as painless as possible. We will offer any guidance you need, but you know your pet best, and the decision will always be yours. When it’s time, we’ll provide a comfortable and private area for you and your pet to say goodbye. Your pet’s quality of life has always been our priority, and that doesn’t end now. We will ensure the following euthanasia be painless and we will be there for you for whatever you need – whether it be burial information, next steps, or just a little comfort.